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1981 RETTANGOLARE | Storage box
Tanned leather storage box


1981 RETTANGOLARE | Storage box

1981 is a range of leather boxes with a nostalgic flavor that is characterized by well-defined and net lines.
This collection of elegant boxes is made of saddle leather.
The handcraft seam is realized with an exclusive Danish flower thread  that enhances the product and makes it very resistant.
It is available in two different shapes (rectangular and square) and sizes.

Accessories in saddle leather,designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, following the traditional methods of the ancient handcraft workmanships. The Home collection consists of baskets, magazine racks, boxes, trays and frames - a range of products that gives the environment a unique style. Thanks to a huge range of colours and the sober design, these products are well suited to all contexts . Arte&Cuoio  production is based of an ancient and refined handcraft workmanship, using the tannin (an substance drawn from the wood). The manufacturing takes up to two months: the leather is dipped in baths of tannin which slowly penetrates inside the structure and arrests the aging process, making it become saddle leather.


Arte&Cuoio: Passion for Leather

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